Aero One by 2MoRO


Aero One® is an SAP Business One Add-On Solution dedicated to small and medium airlines, MRO shops, and OEM’s that are looking for an integrated system to cover their business needs. Aero One Add-On focuses on Aerospace and Defence specific needs like CRM, Fleet Management and MRO & Execution. . It is fully integrated with SAP Business One.

Aero One has been implemented in more than 14 countries and is available in English, Spanish and French.

Aero-Webb® is a Web applications platform, providing Building Blocks that enable end-to-end A&D process management around Fleet Management, Configuration Management & Control, shop visit management, and maintenance planning and other A&D specific functionalities.

Aero-Webb is the solution for medium to large A&D enterprises that are looking for an advanced solution to build or complement their IT landscape.

Its modular & opened architecture enables you to leverage the investment made in your current MRO IT Solutions, by activating the appropriate high added-value functionalities. The result is reduced Total Cost of Ownership and rapid Return on Investment.

BFly®  is a new way of thinking software.

BFly backend is the result of our combined experience between our other products and R&D programs, so it is our ‘state of the art’ in terms of data model and functionalities.

As a highly flexible solution, BFly can be used by any companies, as the solutions fits to any customer requirements, both in terms of features and GUI. So if you are a large or a small company needing either a full functionalities scope or just a specific one, BFly can answer expectations.

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