Using Aviation Data to Select an Airline

Let’s face it, flying today isn’t the posh experience that it used to be. With the increased security, and generally poor revenue environment for airlines, service has suffered. And, it’s not just the “frills” that are gone, basic service, like making an on-time departure has slipped as well.

If you’re booking one of those luxury holidays, don’t forget that your experience on the flight out can set the mood for the entire vacation. Choosing and airline with a history of good customer service and a respectable on-time departure performance will take some of the stress out of your trip. Read more »

FAA Awards Contract for Nationwide Data Network

The Harris Corp has been awarded the contract to provide the FAA with a next generation data network for Air Traffic Control (ATC).   Harris was competing with both Lockheed Martin and ITT Exelis for the lucrative contract, worth $332M over 7 years.  The contract also includes a year-by-year renewal clause that that lasts for ten years….this is not included in the estimated $330 million dollar value of the contract. (story provided by Read more »


Aircraft Maintenance Software

Aircraft maintenance software is the affordable solution to keep military and civil air machines in shape. It offers the most reliable support to all kinds of aircraft, including helicopters, ground attack aircraft, bombers, multi-role combats, experimental and transport aircraft among others. This tool undergoes regular updates to meet the changing needs of modern aviation machines.

 It is a combination of technology and aerodynamics to ensure military safety and high performance. Specially designed for aircraft that perform numerous activities, the software guarantees efficient repairs and overhaul of all machines at affordable costs. Exemplary performance in the air force requires properly maintained aircraft that will not jeopardize the military plan and action. This does not have to cost a fortune.

Every air force department invests in modern tools to keep their machines and equipment in shape. Aviation maintenance software provides more than technical support. It comes with training details to equip the maintenance personnel. It has logistic support and it is effective in parts tracking. This makes it a complete tool for managing military aircraft and equipment. What’s more, its manufacturers ensure that it has safety details for smooth operations. A comprehensively operational air force has properly managed maintenance, engineering, and logistics support. The aircraft maintenance software offers accurate checks and modules for total services.

It is important to install aviation maintenance software that reflects on quality. Experts who understand the needs of the industry develop this with easy installation. It works with Windows, Linux and UNIX applications and its overall costs are cheaper. For general support, it is a great tool to guide the repairs and rebuilding of crucial aircraft and machines. It can program to specific repair targets, evaluate parts, and inspect them for the best replacements. The software is also and excellent tool for major renovations and assemblies of parts.

Aircraft maintenance software is necessary for modern machines. It repairs and protects all types of aircraft used in different climatic and terrain conditions. This is the best way to prepare and equip the army for success.

The developers of the software ensure an adequate management and control system through this aviation maintenance software. It thus minimizes hazards in the force through risk assessments, reduction, and training. The personnel in charge of the repairs and control department will find this an ideal and cost-effective tool for technically advanced aircraft. This reliable computerized aircraft maintenance will upgrade with computer programs. It offers simple and complex applications that all types of aircraft requires.